In 2009 Haip festival is not resting, but mutating! From its domestic environment in Slovenia capital Haip is moving through Europe propagating itself like a simbiont throughout other cultural structures. “HAIP goes HYPE” is organized by Haip partner organizations - Radio FRO, Time’s Up, CIANT and monochrom - it will take time and place as a part of other international festivals also.


Organized by CIANT, from 19.4. unitl 24.4.2009, in Prague, Czech Republic


Organization by Radio FRO, from 23.4. until 25.4.2009, Linz, Austria


Organization by Time’s Up, from 24.4. until 6.5.2009, Linz, Austria


An audiovisual project and theoretical discussions from research and development of a city as an energy volume and construct. From 26.8. until 30.8.2009, LVIV, Ukraine

atoms&bits Festival

atoms&bits are the smallest elements in our modern society. This is what the atoms&bits Festival is all about: how we change society bit by bit, atom by atom – organized through the Internet with real world results. a&b is a meet up for visionaries, tinkerers, activists, geeks, and artists – in short, everyone that celebrates a new culture of collective endeavor and do-it-yourself.